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Experience & Learn Reiki

Heather Shoopman is a Reiki Master of the Usui Reiki Ryogo system (since 2015) and began her Reiki studies in 2003.

For her, it is a valuable tool in her self care and her work with others. It is an excellent way to gain more intimacy with energy, the universal life force.

Reiki will become a healing and protection tool in your life.

It can be a beautiful way to comfort others in person or from afar.

Mama Shoop’s Reiki sessions are a beautiful way to check in with yourself, get clear about what needs healing and begin that process. She calls in your higher self and guides to be present.  The energy begins to flow once you book a session. You will be asked what you are working on healing. The experience is then guided by the energy. You may also experience aromatherapy, light bodywork, guided meditation, sounds and deep, peaceful relaxation. It’s best to have a light schedule on your Reiki session day. Mama does outcalls in the LA area for $175.

Learn Reiki Level 1 ~ $175

This is a private 6 hour certification course that will give you Mama Shoop’s unique perspective in how to incorporate Reiki into your life. You can schedule it in 1, 2 or 3 sittings. Mama’s studio is in Glassell Park.

Learn Reiki Level 2 ~ $225   Same/ 8hours.

Reiki students will touch on the chakras, elements, restorative yoga and the nervous system in level 1. In level 2 we add in other shamanic practices such as casting circles and calling in guides. You will also begin to discuss tools that accompany a practice such as gemstones, aromatherapy and sound healing.

Students are also given a one time 50% off discount for booking a private session to experience receiving the work.