The Sisterhood Portal

A gathering place for women.

The Sisterhood Portal


The sisterhood portal was created by Heather Shoopman (aka Mama Shoop) to give women of all stages in life a place to gather online, connect, learn and share. As a self-care specialist, Shoop blogs here about tools for taking greater care of ourselves. It is her belief that the power to heal lies within, and by taking care of ourselves we are nurturing the world.

Mama Shoop’s work honors the earth’s magic,

the wisdom of the body and truth of the soul.

Working with the physical and energetic bodies, she uses various natural healing techniques to cultivate connection, healing and love within the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Her talents include aromatherapy, art therapy, crystals, dialogue, meditation, nature retreats, reiki, shamanic dance, sound, voice, vibrational healing and yoga. She teaches dance (bellydance , cathartic, chakra dance, choreography, technique, group improvisation, shamanic & ritual) meditation, restorative yoga and reiki. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher in the Usui Reiki Ryogo System.

Her wish is to give you an experience of yourself, shining the light on personal ritual and self care.

Her teaching opens the door to energetic awareness with a nurturing quality that cultivates self love and joy naturally. She’s a fan of laughter and enjoys evoking it in class as much as possible. Heather considers herself a tour guide, offering support in allowing your soul to fully emerge so you may experience more joy and love!