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Why we retreat or unplug…..

The seasonal Self Care Sleepover and yearly week long yoga retreats have become my favorite things because they help me remember who I am. It might sound all hippy dippy to you, but honestly with the amount of noise we have in today’s world it’s important to find quiet. With all that influences us we can’t possibly make decisions grounded in our truth without a little reflection. Of course it is possible to live a life mindfully carving out bits of time for yourself without ever fully unplugging. But it’s also possible to live a life where you never go on vacation. Who wants to do that?

I propose to you the self care sleepover as a tip toe into the retreat world. A weekender. You don’t have to go too far and you can still turn your phone off Friday and back on Sunday. Of course I encourage you to create your own ideal weekend. I’ve gone on solo adventures where I don’t talk, only write. I’ve gone on weekend retreats with all new people and made new friends. I’ve brought groups of people together who knew each other and created even deeper connections. The important thing is that you feel a sense of yourself. To go out in nature and be surrounded by the beauty of this planet and the power of the elements and allow them to inspire your being is quite invigorating for the spirit. The element of play and exploration are essential here so we may connect with the awe and wonder of the inner child. And speaking of children…..while it’s beautiful being outside with your family, I encourage this idea of a solo adventure, or as a part of a group where YOU are being taken care of. You stop doing. The idea of being witnessed, nurtured, seen, heard, held, kept safe are all a part of the retreat as well. These qualities bring about a safe bubble to discover those parts of you that need attention. The spaces within you that need healing will become apparent. The real deep work can begin, continue and evolve the more you allow yourself to let go and relax..stop worrying…taking care of others…and begin to take care of yourself. More and more. Until the Self Care Sleepover, the solo vacation, the long retreat, the sabbatical becomes a non negotiable because it’s such good medicine!

If you’d like to join a Self Care Sisterhood retreat, we have one coming up in Las Vegas January 3-5, 2020. You can register here.

Stay tuned for Spring So Cal Beach Sleepver and summer in Ontario,Canada!

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