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Anahata ~ the heart chakra

A perfect check in as we conclude Valentine’s weekend, when love is celebrated a bit more out loud. I like to consider that we are always in love. From love we were conceived and we grew hearts of our own. The drumbeat of our lives, the sound of compassion, of love resides within us. May we speak it with our words and sing it in our songs.

Aaah the heart. The Anahata which translates so beautifully to the “unstuck”. This is our air element, our heart center where the winds of love and compassion blow sweetly, softly.

As I dive more deeply into learning about the chakra system I realize the vastness of this subject as well as the difficulty in translation from the origins in the old Indian texts or Vedas. My intention is to share my journey as it unfolds and point out correspondences that make sense to me. I absolutely encourage you to step into the portal of studying chakras and seek out information from various sources. Most importantly, how does the information resonate with you? The information gathered comes from people’s experience of working with these points of focus.

It is said there are 108-114  chakras. There are 7 in body chakras (I like to think of these as meditation points) and the rest are within the aura of our bodies. They are a system that work together, a map of the mind body connection. The correspondences vary depending upon who/where you have studied. The bit that rings true is all of these things are connected to the whole and all of the qualities listed for each one exist within all of them.

Whew. Still with me? Let’s get right to the heart of the matter 😉

Firstly, the chakras can be visited as you see fit in meditation or comtemplative practice. It is nice to start from the bottom if you are beginning the journey as it’s much like building a house. You would start with the foundation and move upward from there. Once it’s been identified as a structure, it’s easy to visit various rooms within.

Consider my What Color Is Your Light? meditation to become aware of the chakra body overall.

The root, chakra 1, is discussed here. The sacral, chakra 2, here. The solar plexus, chakra 3, here. The lower three connect us to the outer world and our beliefs taken in. The upper three connect us to our divinity, our oneness, our self beyond ego. This is the destination for many who practice yoga. And we arrive to the heart, the bridge between the upper and lower chakras.

The heart or Anahata chakra is located in the center of the chest at heart level. It corresponds to the element of air, holds an abundance of healing energy and is the source of our innermost dreams and desires.

It associates with the thymus, lungs, heart, arms and hands in the body. Some physical symptoms of imbalance include allergies, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, high blood pressure or insomnia. Depending on which way the flow is misdirecting it could show up as relationship problems, codependency, care taking issues or addiction. This chakra governs life from 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 years. We begin to form our beliefs about relationships during this time based on our experiences. We learn about giving, receiving and hopefully self love. It holds beliefs from the time of 17-18 years old and comes through cycle again at 42-49 and lastly at 77-84.

If you have been feeling like a victim, judgmental, jealous, angry, shy, afraid or lonely  you may need to bring balance into this area. Luckily, there are many ways! When the heart is balanced feelings of love, gratitude, compassion, passion and joy surface more often.

First and foremost~ always love yourself no matter what. If you need a starting point, give yourself a hug 🙂 If you can go a step further, try “I love you” in the mirror as many times as you can. (this practice is SO powerful and more difficult than it sounds) I created this self love meditation to get you into your heart space.

Common correspondences with the heart chakra are things one can do or bring in to awaken this energy center. Remember, where the focus goes the energy flows……..

  • get outside~ surround yourself in green
  • bring PINK & GREEN on the scene
  • add more green foods to your diet
  • exercise pectoral area, do chest openers, breathing exercises
  • practice forgiveness and self expression
  • meditation ~ the heart connects to astral plane and dream world
  • be loving
  • chant ay (as in play) or sam or yam (as in saaahm or yaaaaahhm)
  • spices/tea/scents: lavender, jasmine
  • pink or green gemstones such as rose quartz, rhodochrosite, emerald or tourmaline
  • if you work with angels or dieties, call upon Christ, Raphael, Aphrodite or Frejya

I wish you the best on your chakra journey! Let me know how it’s going for you.

~in love and light ~ Mama Shoop

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