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How sweet it is to be loved by you!

Lovers! Sisters!

I have been living and loving wildly!

I took a break from output and had an unexpected little hibernation period. I got the internal message that it was time to sit still….put my money where my mouth is if you will. After all, my business is called The Stillness. And so I practiced many things: meditation, yoga, magic, ritual, Spanish, relaxing, swimming, reiki , guitar, sound bowls, baking and tarot. I needed to let things settle and just live life. The big message here is that self care is a practice. Self love is a decision, a choice. When we decide to engage in a practice we must continue to learn, apply, discern, repeat.

Your daily practice IS the work. 

I have been experiencing deep meditations with profound healing and releasing. It’s so fantastic to feel the power I have within myself, and also it’s  exhausting! We need time to rest after we’ve done the work. The great news is there are many short practices that can really help. This is not to say you can short cut your way through it, but I know most people feel they don’t have the time. But we do. We choose how to spend it. YOU MUST BECOME THE PRIORITY! Remember, how we do one thing is how we do everything. If you half ass your self care, chances are you are cutting corners in life. This is not living life to the fullest or in my opinion, the happiest.

Self care, or a mindfulness for one’s well being, is so important for one who is working through trauma of any sort. Processing is a process. It takes time, energy and some good old fashioned resting to work through stuff. 

The only constant is that I show up. Every day I greet myself, find stillness and see what needs to happen. Some days I meditate for a very short time and feel as if nothing happened. Others I will sit for the longest time and feel great calm afterwards. I will come up with excellent ideas and thoughts inspired during these meditation. Some days I can go deep fast, uncover something huge, sit with it, cry it out (or laugh or growl or whatever) and then it’s gone. Do a little journaling, asking higher self what I can do to continue this healing & BOOM it’s been like 20 minutes and I’m so much lighter.

My point is every day is different, and some days suck. You still have to show up consistently to achieve results. It doesn’t mean you messed everything up if you skipped a day or two. Sometimes life gets in the way and I forgive myself in those moments. Then I keep showing up. Meditation works in mysterious ways. It will show up in a moment of drama or emergency,  when you need your breath the most in order to stay calm. It can surface for someone else experiencing crazy, and you become the grounding rod of the situation. It can help you step into your stillness and greet your higher self, work with your energy body, discover more about your physical body as well as your surroundings. Your intuition and psychic abilities grow stronger. You will start making decisions based on the true you, not the you that became an image of a parent, lover or societal norm.

A daily practice of stillness, of consciously surrendering the physical body and going inward is a wonderful start. If we can slow down the breath, we slow the mind and the body so they can get connected. In the stillness we can hear, notice and witness ourselves. This is powerful. To just allow yourself to be, and love whatever is. To hold yourself every day and remind yourself that there is love and that you are never totally alone.

I share these things with you because we are all in this together. I do this work to help the world be a better place… help us heal ourselves and make the most out of this thing called life. THIS LIFE NOW.

If you’d like to dive deeper, head on over to Patreon and check out the community:

If in person time is what you crave, there are many options with me including one on one sessions, yoga classes, Reiki & Sound Meditation Experience and the all new Self Care Sisterhood Sleepover~ a 24 hour session of nurturing and gal time. You can check the calendar for retreats, head over to my website for session info &/or follow along on FB or IG.

Everything you need is within you.

I can help you find the bravery to look inside and love what you find.

Now let’s get to work!!

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