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The ebb and flow of the sacral or Svadhishthana chakra

Flow with me through the water, constantly changing, transitioning and emerging.

The chakras are points of light, energy centers within the subtle, energetic body. It is a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel of light”. There are many chakras oustide the actual physical body and 6 (some say 7) within the body. They run in a column up the exact center (in front of the spine) of the body and have fronts and backs. I like to imagine them as a round lotus. The root, or Muladhara, is near the base of the spine and often called Chakra 1. You can read more about balancing the root here. It is important to tend to the root when embarking on the chakra healing journey, as it holds a strong foundation for the rest of the work.

The sacral, or Svadhishthana is located in the lower abdomen and often called Chakra 2. Spring is the season of the sacral chakra, everything is blooming and procreation is in the air! It represents our water, creativity, emotions, pleasure and procreation.  It associates with the intestines, abdominal organs, genitals and womb. A sacral imbalance can show up as frigidity, impotence, low libido, cramps, irregular bladder &/or menses, co-dependency, addictive behaviors, depression, lack of desire or emotional overreactions.

So it is here that we begin duality, the one realized self of the root chakra becomes aware of the external world and it’s affect on us. We experience emotion, senses, differences and motivations for movement and change. It governs life from 6 months to 2 1/2 years, so if you lived in a healthy environment during this time it’s a great start. Although, as sensitive young beings we can feel disappointed in ourselves even after a discussion with a loving parent or teacher. It’s tricky! The sacral chakra is in cycle again at age 15 to 16 (oh boy!) and 63 to 70 (looking forward!). The good news is you can work on balance whenever you feel the need.

A great gentle reminder is to always love yourself no matter what as a starting point with any type of self work. If you don’t know how, it’s ok. Think of how you would like to be loved, and start there. Be kind to yourself. 🙂 Mirror work is excellent. Simply look in the mirror and repeat “I love you” to yourself 5 -10 times a day, or until you believe it. It’s harder than it sounds!

Other ways to nurture the sweetness of the sacral chakra:

  • love and nurture yourself (how about a big hug for yourself right here and now?)
  • bring ORANGE into the picture. Underwear, clothing, rug, pillow, towel, cup, accessory, you get the idea. 😉
  • bask in the moon, the mother of all emotion
  • check in with any denied desires you may have. these can manifest into physical illness if not addressed.
  • participate in pleasure and your sexuality (perhaps a tantra class?)
  • socialize
  • take a ceremonial bath and visualize cleansing the emotional body of any unwanted energies
  • bellydance!! hip circles and pelvic rocks are great for the sacral
  • include plenty of liquids in your diet as well as orange foods such as yams, salmon, sweet potatoes, papaya and wheat
  • bring orange gemstones into your space, such as coral, calcite, carnelian or amber
  • use scents or plants of orris root and gardenia
  • if you work with angels or dieties, call upon Diana, Neptune, Pan or Gabriel

I wish you the best in your chakra journey! I have a sacral meditation available here.

Yoga set coming soon……

Please let me know how the journey is going for you 🙂  Feel free to join our Facebook group for inspirations and other sisters around the globe to chat with and/or sign up for email notification if you’d like to know about future chakra events, retreats or posts here.

I hope you get out there and find some moon time tonight!

May you always be happy & free~ love you! Mama Shoop


*additional, not so light, reading*

Wheels of Light by Anodea Judith

The Complete Book of Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale

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