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Reiki~ what & why?

Why Reiki?

What the heck is it?

Reiki, the word, via the Japanese Kanji translates generally to

Rei = universal Ki= life energy.

A more refined or esoteric meaning of Rei is that of higher self, divine consciousness or all knowing God, and Ki the non-physical universal/vital life force. So basically the energetic state which contains all of creation past, present and future and lives in all things at all times…..a non-linear type of energy that just always and everywhere IS.

The practice of energy healing is many centuries old and has been found in various cultures. Reiki (with a capital R) as a healing modality was born in Japan in 1922. It is seen as the transferring of this energy by becoming a channel. In 1938 Reiki arrived in the U.S. Most practitioners use the hands, although it can be sent through feet, eyes, breath and thought.

I think of it as an ocean or bubble of energy that we exist within, and we are either floating around in it, or we are actively doing and transforming by being connected to it and channeling the flow. It is an awareness of energy & the power we hold to channel it. It connects us to the oneness of all life. Reiki is an awesome act of self-care, which in turn contributes to global healing.

When we nurture ourselves we are healing the planet.

I started using Reiki in 2004 after I had an experience of energy transference. I came into contact with a very energetically sick/depressed person and I immediately took it on. I felt the actual moment it entered my body. A friend recommended Reiki and I haven’t looked back. I use it daily as a self care tool for healing and protection, and I send it out to friends, clients and family members as well as use on my space, plants and animals.

What does it feel like?

Most experience it as a sense. Some feel a temperature shift while others may notice a tingling sensation. Many clients claim to feel as if the practitioner is still (for instance) near the head when they have moved to the feet. It leaves an awareness of the energy body and our energetic connection to all things.

Reiki is a sense of feeling held. Some experience it as pure love. It is a very healing energy. It has the ability to go where energy is out of balance and bring flow. I have honestly never heard of anyone having a bad experience from Reiki.

One may report more of a neutral experience or not “feel” anything happening, however there are always subtle shifts that may go unnoticed to those not in contemplative practice.

Can Reiki heal anything?

Reiki can ease anything. If someone is sick beyond a cure in their current physical form, Reiki can provide comfort and nurturing. It is something that will give you a more complete experience of yourself, becoming intimate with your own energy. I have had clients uncover emotional trauma and release in the comfort and stillness of a session. Some come to deep revelations about their lives in these moments.

Once you’re interest is piqued by Reiki an introduction class, session &/or healing attunement with a practitioner can be a great way to discover the work further. If you feel called to the Reiki path, finding the right master to study with is the first step. There are many Reiki styles. My classes incorporate chakras, meditation, natural laws, psychosomatics, restorative yoga and shamanic tools because these are essential elements of my practice. Deciding to receive a level one attunement is a sweet act of self love.  Level one is all about self care. It initiates healing in those areas of your life that are out of balance. It suggests a more introspective time for you to work in those areas, allow space for healing to take place and discover new ways of being. It is suggested to add a cleanse as well as contemplative practice to your daily ritual when embarking upon the Reiki path. It can be intense as these things come to the surface, yet the rewards of this process are simply astounding. The happiness and freedom you will find from simply loving yourself and nurturing your soul is just the beginning!

It is only when we have tended to ourselves that we can best tend to others.

Reiki is a path. You are coming into a lineage, a way of being that honors all life and the truth of one’s soul. You will have guidance and protection. You will experience profound shifts as you become more aligned with your true identity. You will most likely take better care of yourself.  🙂

Using Reiki in daily practice is also a wonderful way to protect yourself. It puts you in the rhythm of cleansing your energy and being intentional with it.

Continuing with level two is excellent for those who give care such as parents, health care, teachers and anyone working with people or animals. (So basically everyone!) In this level you meet guides and learn symbols for giving the healing to others in presence and distance. It’s a nice way to send healing prayers to loved ones afar.

Beyond this is master level after which you may begin to pass on this knowledge as a teacher. If you think of Reiki as the energetic martial art, this would be your black belt.

In my opinion, every person on earth would benefit from reiki. The non physical realm has been under investigation since the beginning of time, and we are finally beginning to see it in the mainstream. We are also just coming to learn as a culture how important it is to take care of ourselves, and the power we hold within us to heal. We are finding out how connected we all really are, and that by taking care of ourselves we indeed take care of those around us.

This is one step in that journey, one portal you may feel called to step into.

If so, your Reiki family awaits you.

Love you~  Mama Shoop

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