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The foundation ~ tending to the root chakra. – The Sisterhood Portal

The Sisterhood Portal

A gathering place for women.

The Sisterhood Portal

The foundation ~ tending to the root chakra.

O dear root in stillness thee, I cherish you ~ you nourish me.

Earth Day (which of course is every day) is a perfect time to remind ourselves that nourishing the roots creates the environment for healthy growth and development. We are all progressing onward, upward yet sometimes we can feel stuck, scared, lonely, unlovable. These are times of imbalance in the root chakra.

Say wha?

The chakras are points of light, energy centers within the subtle, energetic body. It is a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel of light”. There are many chakras oustide the actual physical body and 6 (some say 7) within the body. They run in a column up the exact center (in front of the spine) of the body and have fronts and backs. I like to imagine them as a round lotus.

The root, or Muladhara, is near the base of the spine and often called Chakra 1. It is the chakra of earth and regulates the physical realm. It associates with the adrenals, the lower hip/pelvis, legs, feet and bones. It governs the beginning of life from 0-6 months, which basically means it carries with it the emotional imprint of that time. The first chakra records our earliest experiences in the cells and receives it’s basic programming from our family. So if your womb time wasn’t all high vibes (ie: unwanted pregnancies, health concerns) you can have a rough time with this one. It is where we may have developed patterns of fear, insecurity, addiction or depression. It’s all good though, you can nourish it into health and awareness is the first step 😉 Deep breath. The root goes into cycle again in the teens, 20’s, late 50’s~early 60’s and 70’s. Oh life all of it’s twists and turns!

Ways to nourish that sweet little lotus:

  • bring RED on the scene. Clothing, underwear, socks, rugs, pillows, cups, plates.
  • practice earthing: barefoot, mindful walking, standing or stomping. You can also sit or lie down and just be with the ground. Sitting up against a tree is nice too.
  • eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein and get plenty of sleep
  • eat red foods such as meat, beets, grapes, strawberries & cherries
  • bring gemtones in associated with dark red or black: garnet, lodestone, ruby etc
  • if you use an altar and work with dieties or angels, call on Brahma, Gaia, Lakshmi, Auriel
  • practice hatha yoga
  • use cedar either by having a plant nearby or cedarwood essential oil

And there are many others, remain open to finding them if you need them 🙂

You can find a root chakra meditation on the Sisterhood Soundcloud Portal ,

and a few root chakra videos on the Youtube Portal.

There is so much to say about chakras. Stick around here if you like the vibe, I’m always waxing poetic and always studying & learning. Digital chakra course is IN the works!! If you’d like to stay in touch, join the community on Facebook or our mailing list for the (pretty infrequent unless there is BIG news) newsletter.

Hope you get outside today and every day for good moon, sun and earth time.

May you always be happy & free~ love you! Mama Shoop


*additional, not so light, reading*

Wheels of Light by Anodea Judith

The Complete Book of Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale


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