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Choosing self care. – The Sisterhood Portal

The Sisterhood Portal

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The Sisterhood Portal

Choosing self care.

Daily ritual. Self care. Personal practice. These are all terms we hear constantly, to the point that we can even begin to feel guilty if we aren’t doing the work. I mean, you’re doing work by living, being alive, eating, sleeping etc. BUT are you living to your highest potential? Are you out there inspiring people and spreading the light?

No? It’s most likely because you don’t always feel that it’s lit. You need what little light you have to get through the day, take care of your family and yourself. But what does take care of mean? Going to work, cooking food, cleaning the house, helping with homework, taking interest in random things to be a good mom/wife? Where does that leave you? It’s not that we want to run to the hills (well sometimes) and not be good moms, wives, friends, people. We crave that powerful woman to show up and that we will embody her and strut into work, breeze through the family time and even take a bubble bath. You wanna be like that friend you have on Facebook who seems to always be happy, always grateful, always loving life. Well guess what?

You ARE that person. All you have to do is decide. That’s it. DECIDE because you are what you say you are. Sure, life will curve the path and surprise you but the key will be in how you DECIDE to react. Okay okay so once you decide the problem is how do you remember to remember what you decided? This is where it gets tricky. People can get stuck in self help patterns for decades, reading the next book, purchasing the next program but you have to really dive in and commit to the work. The work is a daily practice, an openness, willingness to forgive, love, cultivation of gratitude, mindfulness, honesty, stillness, movement………And all are yep, you guessed it, self care. So how do I get in on this?

Where do I start?

For me, the commitment to a daily ritual/practice of some kind sets the tone. It’s like going to church on Sunday as a commitment to spirituality. This is your commitment to yourself, your healing and personal growth.

My daily includes meditation, mindful breath, mantras (chant and write), free writing (I call this taking my mental dump) at least 3 pages, movement (dance or walk) and yoga practice. I also include a prayer at my altar, which is set to the tone of what I am working on with stones, talismans, elemental tools and vision boards. I use reiki on myself, clear my space and my aura and then send reiki & prayers out to others. This may sound like alot, but I can get in down to an express 10-20 minutes if I need to. Most days though, it’s more like 45-60mins in total. I’ve got all kinds of tools to help me remember to remember, and I’d love to share them with you!  Welcome to the Portal 🙂 I invite you to check things out.

You can start in our Facebook group for inspirations, and if you’re looking for movement practice ideas hop over to the Patreon Portal or Youtube. You can also do guided meditations on the Soundcloud Portal.

May you always be happy & free!

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